hot plate

Blue and White trivet

Material: Ceramic, Cork
Size: 20.5x20.5x1cm


Unique scalloped edges make this gorgeous Saratoga trivet such an eye-catching presence up on the table bringing alive the beauty of the table setting you would like. Create from ceramic on the top and cork at its base, this trivet will sit at the centre of the table and make things look wonderfully bright and at the same time keep the table top well protected from heat and moisture.


Sized at 20 cm in length and width, it's a delightful accessory much needed especially if you like your food to be served piping hot from the oven.
Keeping your polished table tops well protected takes a little effort- and if you wish not to spend hours re polishing them, adding trivet before serving would help a great deal.


Here is one made form superior quality ceramic that has been given this delightful pattern on top with this rivetingly attractive colour combination that helps freshen up the look of the table. will keep your table tops from feeling the brunt of over heated serving dishes and help you keep them free from stains and spillages as well.


Made form ceramic that can be cleaned with ese even if stained and dirty-the base of the trivet is made of cork to make them skid free and sturdy. All of 20 cm in width and length-it is large enough for the largest bowl you might wish to serve from.