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eifel tower key ring

Eifel Tower Key Ring and Clasp

Adding tiny little keyrings to your collection can help keep your numerous keys in place making them well sorted into bunches and always available when you need them most. Adding that extra love to the look is of course this range of metal rings that have a perfect shape, are well designed enough to be called an accessory and are easy to fall in love with. This particular one is for all who love Paris. The pretty little design replicates the Eifel tower with so much perfection - the delicate curve of its arches, the tiny rising head and the glitter all over. This keyring could be suspended from purses, bags gym bags, cases and belts as it has a metal clasp separate from the keyring itself. It's been created keeping in mind that its purpose is more than assembling important keys. Why not add more such pieces to your collection - and add more than organization through it.

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