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florence mirror

Florence Mirror - Round

Material: Acrylic, MDF

Size: 80x2x80cm

When circular mirrors are placed stylishly in the right place-it can usher in a world of brightness and a delightful kind of freshness as it opens up the space and yet adds more focus to it. Here is one shoe aesthetics will build in a simple country charm in traditional sort of style that is simple yet eye-catching. Be it your living room or your bedroom, this mirror will invite whole vibe.


The delicate white and blue patter on the frame adds to the profoundly country chic charm of this piece. All of 80 cm in diameter, this is one of those delightful ways of inviting a fresh country charm into your rooms, opening it with more brightness and a feel of spaciousness which is given with mirrors. Suited for formal or informal spaces alike. It comes ready to be placed on any wall. Will look especially appealing of the décor leans into shabby chic or cottage charm look. Made from sturdy MDF, the frame depicts a simple pattern that reflects the minimalism that décor styles seem to love more and more. Could be great in your living room or that guest room where you wish to bring in brightness and spaciousness.