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Nutcracker - 47 cm

Nutcracker - 47 cm

Introducing our enchanting Resin Nutcrackers – the perfect blend of tradition and modernity! Standing at an impressive 47cm in height, these nutcrackers add a touch of holiday magic to your décor.

🎩 Dazzling Illumination: These nutcrackers come to life with a touch of whimsy, featuring built-in battery-powered lights. Adorning their jackets and crowns, these enchanting lights create a warm and festive ambiance, making them a true centerpiece in your holiday display.

🧣 Choice of Colors: Our collection offers three unique nutcrackers, each donned in a different jacket color – white, blue, or red. Choose the one that resonates with your holiday style and let their distinct charm become a highlight of your festive decorations.

With these illuminated resin nutcrackers, you can embrace the cherished tradition of nutcrackers while infusing a contemporary glow into your holiday celebrations. Create a magical atmosphere that captivates the spirit of the season. 🎄🌟 #HolidayMagic #NutcrackerGlow #FestiveDecor

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