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Decadent scents

In this month's blog we touch briefly at the history of fragrance and the launch of Apsley and Company candles at Dig if U will.

It is reported that Cleopatra used fragrance to seduce Mark Antony. She was known to line the floor of her boudoir with roses leading to her bed.

The ancient Greeks, the Chinese and the Romans all used fragrance in spiritual and religious practices as well.

Hippocrates promoted the use of perfume to help prevent disease that saw many ancients adorn themselves with perfume after bathing and exercise.

The history of home fragrance stems from the tradition of burning fragrant ingredients. The ancient Chinese people for example burnt incense to pay respect to their ancestors and to purify the air.

In Egypt it was believed the scents would connect people with the gods. Ancient Greeks used aromatherapy to improve health, vitality and mood.

Home fragrance is something that is commonly used to this day, however despite the power of smell, research in 2016 by found 45 per cent of Australians had not used scent to entice buyers.

What better way to invite your guests into your home, to decorate a surface or to gift a loved one?

Dig if U will is delighted to take on a range of Apsley and Company richly scented, Australian made soy candles using quality French fragrances. Each candle is presented in a decorative glass blown holder, both large and small, no two patterns are the precisely the same.

This range pleases both the sense of smell as well as the eyes as they are visually stunning décor pieces onto themselves.

Our current range includes both the Vesuvius candles and the Halfeti candles.

The Vesuvius notes are composed using sparkling Citrus, Peach & Vanilla, the candle is presented in a tortoise shell like glass candle-holder.

The Halfeti notes are composed using Black Rose, Violet & Musk, the candle is presented in a predominantly black abstract pattern candle-holder.

For a limited time, we’re offering a free copy of Honey & Co the cookbook with every purchase of our 1.7k range of Apsley and Company candles.

As always, stocks are limited.

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