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My first influencer, my mother.

Mum had migrated to Australia for dad, he had fallen in love with her at first sight all the way back in the late 50's in Greece. Aside from her good looks, she had an inherent sense of style he was enamoured by. Not surprising given that my grandfather was a tailor and my grandmother was a hairdresser, a combination that provided their daughters with the grooming essentials and a reputation of the best dressed and most beautiful women in their municipality.

Mum's sense of style not only extended to fashion, but to the household as well. She'd save money to buy timeless pieces for the home so that we could be surrounded by objects that provided us with a sense of beauty and luxury. It was not uncommon for us to bring back rare one off pieces from our trips overseas. I recall a time when we carried a heavy onyx table centrepiece (a musical carousel with ornate gold trimmings). Its doors would open, not only a novel way to provide guests with an array of cigarettes, but to do it in the most exquisite manor!

We weren't well off but it was her style and thoughtful purchases that provided us with a sense of luxury. When guests arrived for formal dinners, we ate with bespoke silverware from India and drank from hand cut crystal from Poland. I often have her in mind when I look at my own sense of style, I owe her a swell of gratitude for my love of art and interiors and treasure the colourful life she bestowed upon us.

These days, we are surrounded by a wonderful array of retail choices both in-store and online and it is my intention to bring you some of my favourite selections from suppliers around the country. Dig if U will homewares, gifts and unique treasures are aimed to fill your life with beauty and style.


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