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Amber Mahogany Crystal Room Mist

Amber Mahogany Crystal Room Mist

Abode Aroma's Crystal Room Mists have been designed to envelop your space with a refreshing burst of fragrance. They are presented in a classic glass bottle with elegant silver cap and enclosed in a beautiful white box, making them an ideal gifting option.


Sensual and mysterious amber blends beautifully with the enveloping warmth of tonka, violet, cedarwood and musk to produce a luxurious perfume that awakens with its overtones of black pepper, lemon, eucalyptus, cinnamon and cardamom.


4.5 cm diameter X 15cm height

The 100ml room mist acts as a light fragrant blanket of mist and are effortless to use.

Their simplicity makes them extremely versatile so they can be used anytime and for any occasion.

They instantly elevate the ambience of your home or space, whether you’re in need of a quick refresh, mood lift or party atmosphere. You can even take them on your travels for a luxurious touch of home comfort. Spritz them on bedding, cushions, curtains or simply in the air.


Top Amber

Heart Violet

Base Tonka Bean

Fragnance Family Woody

Vol/Size 100ml

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