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anesti cross

Anesti Archangel cross - small

18 cm x 14 cm Covered in semi precious stone and finished in the finest gold leaf.May it bless your life and home.Archangels are considered to very powerful spiritual beings that have captured our attention for centuries. The prefix "arch" means ruling or chief in Greek. Religious texts refer to an archangel as being at a high level in the celestial hierarchy.Holy Angel, attendant of my wretched soul and afflicted life,do not dessert me a sinner, nor depart because of my weakness, give no place to the evil demon to rule me by denominating thus mortal body, take my wretched and feeble hand and lead me on a way to salvation. yes Holy Angel of God, guardian and protect of my wretched soul and body.Forgive me any grief I have caused you all the days of my life, and if I have sinned in this day, protect me during the present night and preserve me from any attack of the enemy so that I may not anger God through any sin. Amen.

Please note:Holy oils from Monasteries are used to anoint the wood before each gem is meticulously placed. .From beginning to completion deep prayer is used to ensure each cross is completed with intent and purpose..

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