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Large Deco candle

Large Deco candle

Hand poured

Material: Glass, Wax

Size: 10.5x10.5x18.5cm

With an approximate burn time of between 60 to 70 hours, a spectacularly attractive visual outlook and a fragrantly pleasant scent, this candle features a premium quality coloured glass jar which has an ornately domed lid and containing pure quality, well refined scented wax and wick.

Who wouldn't want to sleep in a cosy, sweet scented room while the other lights are dimmed and only this Glass Candle burns with a soothing glow? Given the artful glass jar, a floral patterned gift box, premium quality hand poured wax, and colourful appeal, this Glass Candle XL would be perfectly suitable as a gift item that one can give to all of one's loved ones. It would especially be perfect for use by lovers who wish to create romantic setting.

    $49.95 Regular Price
    $39.95Sale Price
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