MATI ‘The Eye’ Candle ™

MATI ‘The Eye’ Candle ™

The Mati has one large blue glass MATI disc gifted with the candle which should be removed. 

The disc can be kept and used for ‘good-luck’ to ward off negativity and to keep on your person or in your home as ‘protection’ from the ‘MATI’ (Evil Eye).

You will discover another MATI bead imbedded inside the candle as you burn it will emerge for you.

The Evil Eye is considered a Luck Charm or Talisman believed to reflect evil and thus offers protection against misfortune.
When a person wears or carries an eye with them, it acts as a shield and it’s believed that it helps to keep your life in balance, protects you from bad karma and ill will that could have a negative effect on your well being or your life in general.

The fragrance is Ouzo Menta and it is divine.

Price: $45, 350g 
Black Glass Jar with Lid
50 hours burn time (up to)

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