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Zeus print

Zeus (Mini Plywood) - The Hellenic Marbles

The "Hellenic Marbles" are images of historically significant Greek sculptures transposed onto plywood. These have been produced for Dig if U will exclusively. 

Zeus (Medium plywood print) is 14cm wide x 18 cm high.

More about Zeus:

Zeus was endowed with all the noblest elements in human character. He ruled the affairs of men with fatherly benevolence. He rewarded goodness, punished the wicked, and was withal the fountain-head of justice. By a nod of his head he made known his will, and there was no appeal from his decrees.

The Greeks considered Zeus a being of majestic stature and grand, and sculptors did their best to make statues worthy of this conception. A great artist named Phidias produced a statue that perfectly carried out all the ideas at which other sculptors had aimed. It was of colossal size, made of gold and ivory, and was set up in a temple of Olympia. From this time forth every sculptor who had to represent Zeus had only to repeat the design of Phidias.

The bust of Zeus reproduced here is thought to be a far-away copy of the head of Phidias's statue. The marvel is that he preserved so well the noble dignity of the ideal Zeus. This is the father of gods and men in his most benign aspect. The massive head is crowned like that of a lion with long, overhanging locks with which the flowing beard is mingled. These are the "Ambrosial curls Upon the Sovereign One's immortal head," of which Homer writes in the Iliad. The symmetrical arrangement of hair and beard carry out the character of perfect evenness belonging to the supreme ruler.

The forehead has the full bar of flesh which denotes virility. The brows are straight, the nose finely modelled, the lips rather full, the expression benignant. Altogether the impression is of a being of mental and moral equipoise, full of energy and noble dignity.


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