Stay woke and be the bird that gets that damn worm.

Dig'ers, I've noticed a trend with my wholesale suppliers of late. They're increasingly moving to 'indent' ordering. It refers to the process of taking wholesale orders from shops like mine and then only producing the total quantity of those orders with their manufacturer.

This provides a solution for them in that they have less wastage of product on their shelves and a directs the challenge to us. The estimates that retailers like myself place on these orders can take up to 3 months to fulfil by the wholesaler. Wholly crap Batman!

On the upside, an occasional mistake in over-estimating orders leads to discounts offered to consumers. Conversely, under-estimates means that consumers now more than ever need to exercise quick decision making as they might miss out on the 'most coveted' items as they arrive. Let's face it, who wants to wait another 6 to 8 weeks for a product to magically appear in store?

Not me!

We are both chartering tricky waters. I have a responsibility to seek out the coolest on-trend items for my store and then managing the process of fulfilment. You have to decide on whether you buy the product the week it arrives or wait until it might go on sale. That is, IF it's still there. There are some items that simply never go on sale as they are never on the shelf that long enough.

With my recent visits to the trade fairs and overseas, I have given you some snippets on Instagram and Facebook of some gorgeous new items coming to the store in the coming weeks.

Dare I say it, it wont be long before that grey-haired man in the red outfit gets on his sleigh and picks up his orders too. Therefore, it has never been more important to stay woke and be decision ready to nab some gorgeous goodies!