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Something special is returning.

It's been missing from stores worldwide for far too long.

Vefa is universally acknowledged to be the grand dame of Greek cuisine. For 13 years, she had a daily TV slot in Greece called Morning Coffee which had the entire country tuned into.

Vefa's tsourekia and koulourakia became popular, kitchens throughout Greece baked her easy to execute and well regarded recipes.

Very few of her books have ever been published in English, so when this particular one landed in my store in 2018, it didn’t sit on the shelf for very long.

It was so hard to obtain at one point, that it reached astronomical prices on ebay, some in excess of $800.

Those lucky few who have this treasure in their possessions will tell you that there is as much emphasis on exquisite vegetarian dishes as there is meat. The origins of which are linked to religious reasons where meat and dairy are banned 40 days before Easter. Hence this book provides a wealth of recipes for vegans as it does carnivores.

From savoury to sweet, Vefa examines and pays homage to the various regions of Greece. It is both nostalgic and insightful.

Its comprehensive treatment of Greek food ensures its place as a keepsake and heirloom for future generations.

With its impending re-release, I’m delighted to have secured a batch of these again. So it will land at Dig if U will and NEK MIN it will be gone again.

Vefa is a national treasure. If you have ever wanted her bible, now is the time to secure it. Available for pre-order for Sep/Oct dispatch.

Secure one for your sibling, your parent, your child, your friend or for yourself.

Who knows when this opportunity will happen again.


Love Vaya.

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