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If opportunity knocks, open the door.

In 2009 I took this photo of an abandoned blue door on the island of Evia Greece. I was drawn to its vivid colour, its beauty and history.

Doors of different varieties mean many things to many people and for Greeks in particular so much more. Brightly coloured doors and intricate designs were necessary, back in the day, even for the most modest of homes as they blocked the evil eye from entering the home.

When I started my business a few years ago I was fortunate to work on Door Night, an exhibition of street artists expressing their own journeys through allegorical doors. It’s aim was to raise awareness and funds for a feature project called The Doorman.

Fast forward to 2021, I am working with doors again!

Im delighted to introduce Thomas Michalas, a Greek artist from Thessaloniki who’s passion for miniature Grecian doors have their own meaning.

For some they symbolise a memorable trip to the neighbourhoods and islands of Greece, for others they symbolise the security of the home and the coziness of family. Thomas has has been creating various sized doors by hand with love and nostalgia for over 10 years.

As Thomas describes, doors open and close to our will. They can also symbolise the transition from one era to another, or the transition to something new.

With fond memories, Thomas recalls from his youth his image of his grandmother making a cross on the doorstep using the Holy Light from Holy Saturday’s mass. Ensuring that the home is protected with its positive energy.

They are his favourite subject and he adores bringing them to life using a mixture of woodworking technique and painting.

I am confident you will adore his work also.

A small series of doors exclusively made for Dig if U will is currently travelling over the Aegean ocean en route to Melbourne Australia.

Here is your first look at them...

Thomas Michalas mini Grecian doors for Dig if U will

These miniature doors are 25cm high x 14 cm in width. The cutest additions to the store's offerings.

I have no doubt they will also be equally adored in your home too.

More to come, with love,

Vaya x


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