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Intensity takes courage

In this month’s blog, we take a deeper look at one of our favourite colour trends for 2018. Intense and vibrant colours.

Pantone Colour Institute executive director Leatrice Eiseman puts forward a movement to intense colours rather than pastels in 2018. “Intense colours seem to be a natural application of our intense lifestyles and thought processes these days,” she said.

In the spirit of intensity, we present to you a few of our favourite pieces in deep shades of blue including Klein blue. What is Klein blue you ask? Klein blue is a deep blue hue developed by the French artist Yves Klein in 1960.

An intense colour such as Klein blue is not for the faint hearted and it most certainly commands a presence.

Deeper shades of blue are associated with elegance, sophistication and royalty.

Here are a few of our favourite designer selections in various shades of deep blue. These are from respected stockists who supply and produce high-end quality pieces.

Additional accents that we’re inspired by include a trend of decadent asian prints, geometric shapes and dusty metallics.

Fallen in love with blue or simply inspired for a change? Get in touch with Vaya to discuss your interior needs at

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