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A kiss is on my lips

It is with great pleasure to advise you that International Kissing Day is one week away and I’m perked up and ready.

A day that I can celebrate my love of kisses and kissing? Sounds purrrfect.

What is it about a kiss that adds so much value to our lives? It’s proven to be a medical fact that kissing increases oxytocin and endorphins, these both calm the body and also provide a feel good feeling. In short, kissing is all about creating good vibes.

There a many types of kisses that can be had but did you know that a vigorous kiss can actually help you burn a few extra calories and stimulate saliva production which is great for your teeth? A damn good reason to up my vigour on those kisses!

Kisses are equally important to both sexes as they are to all ages but not all first kisses are perfect. I received my first romantic kiss at the age of 16 but I was too nervous to enjoy it and looking back it was a bit of train wreck. Ah the right of passage.

It wasn’t until the age of 18 that I was pulled into an embrace of a boy that I had long yearned for, that I felt the full elation of that kiss. The endorphins kicked in and I remember the feeling of floating and visualising myself in the clouds with him, it was THAT euphoric. Safe to say I was hooked, we would kiss each other many more times and my diary would be filled with scribbles and poems about those moments. Yes indeed, our kissing stimulated those creative juices too.

Culturally, kissing can act as a sign of respect and validation upon greeting others, which is why you see many dignitaries and leaders kiss each other on the cheek, (sometimes more than once). In some parts of Afghanistan, it is customary to kiss up to 8 times!

In Australia, I’ve observed that we tend to shake someone’s hand when we meet (particularly for a business meeting), but I’ve often broken rank and kissed on the cheek because it’s my way of validating that person before we enter a discussion. Especially if I haven’t seen that person for a long while, it’s my way of saying, hey its great to see you and be here with you.

Whilst I truly believe International Kissing Day should be every day, the official date this year is on Friday the 13th of April so mark your diaries with a kiss. Have some fun with it, greet your colleagues with a kiss, kiss your family and your friends multiple times and for those lucky to be able to share a passionate kiss with someone that’s special in their lives, burn those extra calories baby!

This post brought to you with good vibes and kisses,

Vaya. xx

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